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Camille McDaniel, LPC

Founder, Licensed professional Counselor, Business Consultant 

There was a time where I was working long hours to fulfill someone else’s vision.  I was in a tense working enviornment but I was doing exactly what God had gifted me to do…help heal and restore people experiencing brokeness in their minds and spirit.

There came a time when I knew that if I wanted a better work enviornment, better pay, and more time with the ones I loved most, I would have to leave and create it!

I have been a licensed professional counselor since 2007.  In 2010 I opened my business, Healing Psychotherapy Practices of Georgia, LLC.  It has been an amazing and rewarding journey! It keeps me on my toes and is always worth it!  

I want to help you achieve success in business and freedom to enjoy life with the ones you cherish the most!

Past Interviews

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