You deserve a client-attracting website that stands out! 

This is about helping the helpers spread the word and 
support the world in positive ways.  You can have the website you want without breaking the bank to get it.

You are DEFINITELY in the right place if:


  • You would consider yourself a techno-dinosaur. Doing your own website is really not an option.
  • You don’t have time (or patience) to try putting your website together with YouTube tutorials and tinkering by trial and error.  You have too much on your plate already!
  • Paying a monthly fee is killing your budget!  Monthly subscription websites can be a good option in the beginning.  However, paying $700.00 – $900.00 EVERY SINGLE YEAR you are in business starts becoming a budget nightmare after 2 or 3 years.

    **Most shared website hosting sites (like Siteground, A2, GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.) only charge between $60 – $150/per year to host your site.  Unless you are a company that does BIG volume through your website, you may feel you are paying too much.**


So, how does it all work?    

– 3 Step Process –



1st – We speak by phone.  I hear what type of design you are looking for.

We talk about the design you are looking for and the colors to accompany it.  Can’t quite figure out what you want??  No problem!  Just take a look that the styles on the portfolio and designs page for inspiration. This will be a design that YOU can update.  Divi WordPress theme makes it possible.  



2nd – Decide if you want any add-on services,  like content writing and photos. 

You control the costs by deciding what you want me to do and what you want to do yourself.  You may decide to write the copy and choose your photos or I can write the client attracting content and choose photos for you.  I have successfully helped marketing clients write copy and I offer this as a service to you.



3rd – Decide how many pages you want your website to have. 

A standard website has 4 or 5 pages. Home, About, Services, and Contact.  if you intend to regulary share helpful and healing information about topics you have expertise in, you will want a Blog as well. 




**I DO NOT offer website hosting and technical support BUT I WILL help you obtain them.  I have resources to assist.**




    Fully Responsive Layouts with Yoast SEO included

    Your website needs to be accessible and readable on ALL devices. So each template is fully responsive so that your designs look great no matter what.  If you don’t already have it, SEO will be added to your site to make sure you are getting noticed by the web engines.  We use one of the best in the business for SEO, Yoast SEO.

    Whether a starter site or more, choose from ANY of the beautiful templates available!!

    Ready to have a professional and competitive website to help your business and attract clients/ patients/ customers?