Alright! Let me give you an easy straight forward message that I believe will help you and many other entrepreneurs in their marketing.  When you are writing copy for your website, directory listing, or other marketing materials, you must make it more about THEM (your ideal client) and less about YOU.


I really want you to get this so let’s use medical doctors and pretend their website profiles were written the way some entrepreneurs write. Can you imagine going to a medical directory to find a family physician and the first thing that hits you is a profile worded like this: 

I have been a Board Certified Physician for 27 years.  (sounds good so far right?)  I have done extensive research on B-cell differentiation/growth factors, Babinski syndrome, and how C-reactive protein (CRP) affects inflammation in the body. (umm okay?)

I take a contemporary approach to medicine, which applies health science, biomedical research, genetics and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury and disease.

(I am a bit lost and I think I need a medical dictionary.  **This is where you will lose most online viewers**.)

I can help you with your medical ailments in a safe and encouraging environment.  I am into the total well-being of my client.

Now who was that written for?  Certainly not me because I didn’t go to med school and I have NO IDEA what much of this profile means.  All I really want to know is can you help me with my ear infection and possible strep throat? Do you specialize in internal medicine such as ear, throat, and nose?  Well why can’t you say that in the beginning?!

Entrepreneurs need to make sure we are writing using language our potential clients will understand.  They are not on these directories and websites to have a leisurely stroll to see what’s happening and what’s new in the world of psychology or whatever your specialty is. They are in need of help and may be in crisis. They want to know that you understand them and can meet their needs.

So think, what questions might a client coming to see you have? Do you know their fears? What would they be looking for?

In your writing, tell them how you understand their concerns, fears, and questions.  Then explain which of their needs you can meet.  Then share how you are qualified to meet those needs.  Remember, they can already see in your title that you are a therapist so you don’t have to get into too many graduate school words that most people won’t understand anyway.

**Camille McDaniel, LPC


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