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When creating a profitable business becomes mores stressful than laying on a bed of nails, it’s time to take action! I offer marketing strategies and captivating business messages that are guaranteed to make a profit.

You Can't Change Anything You're Not Willing To Confront!

“I didn’t think this would help at first, but it’s really helping.” (Counseling client, adolescent)

“…I had been doing some marketing but no where near what I have learned in this program. This program taught me how to market using strategies I had not used before or even thought of…  I do recommend this program to others as Camille covers a wide range of strategic marketing and networking tools. Her tools are especially designed for those counselors who are starting a private practice or interested in making their existing practice grow. I especially liked the contemporary techniques that people need for marketing in today’s world.” Donna Andrus, LPC

Business consultee, Jackson, WY

“I never imagined I’d be this strong today.  I didn’t even think I’d be alive.” (Counseling client, adult)

“The Counselor Entrepreneur Mastermind Group has been helpful in organizing my thoughts and process regarding building my presence online and in my community. Camille provides fresh content and practical exercises to try to get more exposure. I have also enjoyed the online group as a way to develop community with other counselors. I have been able to focus on building the content for my website and also to narrow my target audience.” Lacrecia Dangerfield, LPC-MHSP

Business consultee, Nashville, TN

“I have worked in the past with Camille, as we were once co-workers.  When I decided to start my own counseling practice, I reached out to Camille for help.  The information and support she provided was thorough and right on target with what my business needed. I would strongly recommend reaching out to Camille if you are building a private practice.  She goes above and beyond with great information and really cares about your success.” Lorraine Steinheimer Thompson, LPC, NCC

Business consultee, Jackson, WY

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